The psychology of colors

Can you imagine the world around you without any color? Each color has a special physical and emotional effect on the viewer, and people have different reactions to different colors. Researchers have so far failed to establish a coherent global system that is able to categorize all reactions of individuals to different colors, and believe that the reactions of individuals to various factors such as culture, gender, age, emotional and mental status, experiences It depends on someone. Of course, the type and severity of these reactions are unique. Color psychology is not a theoretical branch limited to the academic sector, but the scope of research in this field is reflected in the daily lives of the general public. Color psychology is important in today’s world of commerce, and it can be stated that everything that we see around us is directly related to this science.

Take a look at the colors listed below, wait a few seconds, and think about how each one creates you, then read the rest of the story to see what the reality is. It is possible that some personal sentiments will change with the changes in the internal states, individual characteristics, and other statistical factors. For example, if someone is stuck deep into the ocean and has gone up to the drowning frontier, it’s unlikely that blue is a relaxing color for him! On the other hand, a 8-year-old girl is complaining of any color other than pink. Now let’s take a look at the 8 important colored pencils.

Red is one of the colors most people associate with it and show a more intense reaction to it. Sentimentals such as power, brutality, abuse, sexual arousal and excitement are attributed to it. Red increases the heart rate and increases the amount of energy, and only aura of red on anything can attract attention of the viewer. What a sign of danger, whether Valentine’s Day, anyway, is red to captivate your senses and staring at your eyes.

Orange can also cause serious reactions. Individuals react to orange two: either they fall in love or hate it. Orange is basically connected with glitter, flame, ability, energy, warmth, and comfort.

Yellow is a joy, happiness, gladness and blissful. People tend to experience passion, ecstasy, energy, optimism, goodness and passion by observing this color. Some compounds and shades of yellow can stimulate the person mentally and increase his creativity, but there are also some yellow combinations that may cause fear, panic, anxiety, and worry..

More green is used to represent symbolic elements, and after the blue is the second most popular color among the general public. Green natural shades inspire fresh feelings of freshness, renewal, balance, relaxation, and relief. Incorrect green combinations may cause feelings like lethargy and illness in one person. In general, green usually refers to such concepts as: Peace, Honors, Luck, and Fertility and Fertility..

Among the colors, the largest number of people agree that blue is the best color!Perhaps this is because the observation of this color creates certain chemical hormone in the body that promotes calmness. Blue is basically associated with feelings like: trust, confidence, honesty, loyalty, logic, calm, silence, and attention and concentration. It should be noted that some of the compounds of the blue color have more dynamic and vibrant effects, and some of them are cooler and far away. In some studies, it has been proven that Blue also increases the ability of employees and athletes.

Violet generally creates a balance between energy and red excitement, and calm and silent blue. Sometimes the violet light shades involve the minds of the people and make them anxious and make them extremist intolerant individuals, and thus they advance towards the acquisition of mysticism, knowledge, knowledge..

Black is a very powerful color, and it inspires itself with strong power and power. In some cultures, this color reminds people of the loss of their loved ones.

Brown feels the feeling of simplicity, naturalness, stability, firmness, stability, and sustainability. People are basically confident and trust in the brown color. In everyday life, we deal with many other colors, and these are just a few examples of the most original colors. The colors can be compared to the amount of saturation (that is, to what extent a color is darker -percolor or bright-to-white), as well as transparency (meaning how much they are opaque and shiny). Divided into other groups.

Application of colors in interior design:

Color psychology can be an important factor both in the interior and in the exterior of the home. For example, if you are planning to sell your home, one of the best things you can do to attract more customers is to paint. The white color is one of the options that you can expect to have more hope for faster home sales.

Let’s first discuss the outer space. It does not matter how loving you are orange or purple, but do not use it to paint your home’s exterior. At the time of sale, you should also see what colors the buyer likes. Also, the color of the facades of the surrounding houses is also important and the color of your home must be in harmony with them. A house with an unusual colorful look can take the beauty of the whole neighborhood. Here are some suggestions for the color of the face: white, bony, blue, worm, beige, green, yellow.

You must also pay attention to the color of the door and the window. If you do not have enough money to paint the whole house, it’s better to paint only the doors and windows. In this case, the entrance door is more important than other parts. Choose the color from the warm colors of the family that everyone who arrives at home will feel welcome at the entrance. Brick, brown and light blue and green are among the best options.

In the interior, the same applies. The bright and neutral colors make the room brighter and brighter and, as always, white is one of the first options. View different colors at home and their effects on individual situations Prior to choosing a color for the interior, be sure to note the color psychology topic. By doing this, both the mental state of the inhabitants of the home is adjusted, and whoever enters your home will receive a higher sense of sincerity from you..

The following is a brief description of the best color options available in the various rooms:

Red eyes raise blood pressure and heart rate. At the same time it increases appetite. If you’re careful, you’ll see that they use this color in many restaurants. Therefore, it is best to paint the dining room.

آشپزخانه قرمز

Note: Be careful about the color combination of the red and the shades of it. The pale reds usually cause negative reactions in people, and warning signs are colored. So try to use as much red as you can.

It has red-like features but at the same time creates a sense of warmth and sincerity. You can use it in the living room and where people gather together.

اتاق نارنجی

Sunny and bright and can be used in family rooms. It is also suitable for highlighting low light spaces such as corridors and corridors.

راهرو زرد

Soothing, radiolucent color. That’s why doctors try to use this color in their office. It is best to use a bathroom and a bathroom in the bedroom and bathroom. It is not suitable for the dining room, since it prevents appetite.

حمام - آبی

Multifunctional color: it can heat and heat, it can also be relaxed and enjoyable. Green has the same blue feel, with the difference being a bit warmer and more flexible. Again, if you are careful, you will see that they use this color in the operating room. The green is suitable for the bedroom and living room, and the more colorful compositions for the kitchen and the dining room are good. This color is also associated with food and health.

اتاق - سبز

Those who love this color can use it in the study room and in the dining room. Parents can use the playing space of children who like this color.

اتاق- بنفش