Choose the color of the curtains

Choose the color of the curtains with the decoration

Different spaces of our house, unlike the common term, are not just four walls. Be sure to have at least part of one of the walls occupied by a window that plays an important role in the interior of the room due to the outside view. Additionally, selecting the perfect curtain for this window as one of the great levels of the room is very effective in decorating the space. In general, one of the most practical and convenient ways to make decorative changes in the home is to change the curtain when choosing a curtain with many options, and the choice between them is a bit difficult. This guide will make it a little easier and help you choose the screen for different parts of the house.

How to start?

If your goal is to install the shutter and darken the room, install lining curtains. But if you have no problems with the room light, and the curtains are just decorative, install the curtain without lining. The advantage of the liners is to protect the curtains from sunlight and increase their life. Plus, the curtain is heavier and more stylish.


Consider the room’s atmosphere. For an official space, silk or join cloth is a must-have drying out to clean it. Of course, for these spaces, you can use a combination of satin fabrics and natural and synthetic fibers that can be washed. You can use flax and knit fabrics for informal spaces. Of course, cotton fabric is also suitable. These fabrics are suitable for any decor, and feel clean and clean.

راهنمای انتخاب پرده برای خانه

Choose the color of the curtains with the decoration


When choosing a curtain, you have to decide whether you want the curtain to have the color of the decor or the opposite color. If you want to be colorful, you should choose the color of the curtain a little more colorful or less color than the wall paint. Or choose a color similar to one of the room’s accessories like carpet. If you have chosen a curtain without a liner that sunshine from behind the curtain, the color of the curtain will also be reflected inside the house. So be careful when selecting the color of the curtain.


A general rule about the design of the screens: If the room furniture is patterned, simple curtains and if the furniture is simple, choose a curtain. Try more and more intricate designs such as dotted points or cashmere designs. Coarse designs require a little daring.

If it falls to the bottom of the screen, it is stylish and beautiful, but if it is far from the ground, it’s a bit old and obsolete. Here are two rules for the size of the curtains


راهنمای انتخاب پرده برای خانه

Down the curtain parallel to the ground

This classic-style version of the screen is suitable for windows that are open and closed permanently. The bottom of the curtain should be slightly littered, or one or two centimeters away from the ground. This is a good fit for cafes in restaurants. Plus for the kitchen and bathroom.

Cover the curtain and part of it on the surface of the earth

Today, the longer curtains, which are 2 to 7 centimeters thick on the floor, are stylish. If the floor measurements are not the same size and level, it is advisable to use long curtains to avoid difficulty. Longer curtains are more stylish and romantic but require more care. Because every time you sweep the house you have to re-arrange it.

Wide curtain

The width of the curtain must be at least twice the width of the window. But if you decide to install the curtain on the window frame, it should be one and a half times the width of the window wider.


Usually the installation of a curtain is slightly higher than the window is more beautiful because the curtain throws itself further. But there are two general rules for the curtain that are as follows: a selection guide for the curtain

The curtain is higher than the window

If you want the window to look taller, install the curtain at about 10 cm above the window or in between the ceiling and the window frame.

Curtain woods wider than the window

If you consider the curtain a bit wider than the window, the window looks bigger, and when the curtains are open, more light shines into the room. Consider each side 30 cm wider