Superior building facades

Superior building facades

Superior building facades can be used in the design of residential buildings of different styles, from modern and classical styles to Dickenstraction and Folding styles. In this section, we do not intend to introduce a particular style of building design. We are going to introduce you to the ten beautiful residential facades from the viewpoint of building designers. What criteria will make the 10 views appear extraordinary will be discussed in the sections. The point that we considered in choosing the top 10 residential buildings was the maximum use of the designs designed inside our country.

1- Classic villa

We start with a classic villa house (Roman view). The use of 4 thick columns (Corinthian or Cornish style) in the porch has added to the solidity and sense of security of the building. An ingenious, yet magnificent, idea has been used to enter the central porch (the main porch). 2 spiral staircases that we get after 7 steps. This idea has created a magnificent entrance. The addition to the palace’s charm is the use of a pool at the entrance to the villa as well as a varied vegetation with a unique color scheme. It should be noted that the design of this villa is located on a steep slope.

2-A different facade

In the above image, the design is close to the No. 1 view. The design of a magnificent veranda with 8 columns (in the style of Kornet) and plants that surround the entrance of the porch. Using a large chandelier, in addition to its beauty, illuminates the heart of the building’s view of the north porch at night.

3-Exterior of the building

The design of the high-rise residential building is based on the popular Roman style. The exterior of the building is designed with a one-handed worktop travertine. This agent has caused more sense of security to be passed on to the user. Although, I wish that in the design of the facade of flowers and plants, it was used more tangibly .

4- Minimalism style

It seems that minimalist style has been used in the design of the high-rise building. In the design of the facade of this apartment, the use of volumetric forms has been used in a tangible way, on the other hand, the art of decorating in the crust section is not used. The point that made this building look like one of the top marks is to discuss the specifics and use of volumetric shapes that are interesting and far from the routine market views.

۵- Classic facade

In designing this classic view, the designer used a curved form and invite instead of using a sharp and winning form. Although the position of the Earth in this picture does not look so interesting, but the designer hides this (landscape) from the views by creating a different, yet magnificent view of the landscape, and the art of its design. Rivals are drawn .

6-Residential building facade

The choice of the best facade of the building is very difficult for millions of images and photos, which is why there is no reason to taste it. But the image above is believed to be one of the most beautiful designs in the design of the residential building design! What do you think of this?

7-Wooden facade

In the next view, the Tremowwood is used beside the stone. The style is neo-classic, and the result of combining these two materials (stone and wood) is satisfactory and acceptable.

8-Strange brick view

Strange and creative course view! We will give you some details about the design of this item.

۹-Roman building facade

A Romanesque facade of a hand cream, the most important factor in designing its facade is the use of an arched facade and a semi-dome stone.

10-Modern style facade

And in the last installment, the series was also modernized. This building was built in Iran.