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About AXAR Group

Axar team of design and implementation has been launched with the use of innovation and creativity skills to meet customers’ satisfaction. The company’s endeavor is to share our design and art with our creative teamwork. Creating an exhibition space in our design team is a process that includes:
Receiving orders, information, customer requests and goals – Analyzing data – studying the background of the presence of the customer’s exhibition and its competitors – testing the appropriate designs – making a proposal for a male-meeting with the presence of the client to resolve and modify and make possible changes and confirmation The final design of the project – the implementation of the project – installation in place – final payment (including proper lighting, pavilion decoration, etc.) One of the features of our company is that by relying on high-capacity units design, planning, project management and production, we provide We will provide the best solutions with regard to the budget and the customer’s will. Delivered to the customer in a professional, quality and reasonable manner. Let’s do it. We hope that in this regard, our goals will be in the moment of God’s protection, and afterwards we will be supporting our customers because our customers are our capital.